Chicken Feeder

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how long do you incubate chickens?

^same question as shown above^
(How Long Do you incubate chicken eggs, for them to hatch)

if you don't know, please don't answer

....i am getting 35 fertile eggs a week from Wednesday
and i have 2, 50lb bags of chicken feed, one is chick starter
and i have 3 chicken feeders for all of my hatch-lings(soon to be my baby chicks)and 1 2gallon water thing and a 4by5ft pin for my chicks is their anything i'm missing? also i have a red heat lamp

also the 5by4ft pin is only for when they(the chicks) fit after that i have a chicken coop and a large pin for them, i know that i must get rid of all but one rooster, by the way 1 more quick question, how many eggs will probally hatch?

Best Answer...



Chicken eggs take 21 days to incubate.

Your newly hatched chicks are best fed from trays when they first hatch to make sure they find the feed and eat. In a few days you can replace them with the hoppers you have. You will need shaving to as bedding.You will also need a thermometer to make sure your brooding temperature is correct.

If all the eggs are coming from the same place, they could be related. By keeping a young male, there is a possible case of inbreeding here. So you might think of buying another male to breed from your birds.

The size of your brooder (5 x 4ft) is large enough to keep these chicks for about 6 weeks, and by that time will not need must brooding after this time, so you have this right too.

As for how many chicks will hatch will depend on how many are fertile,how your incubation goes. If you incubate them correctly and most eggs are fertile then expect somewhere between 80-100% of all fertile eggs to hatch.Good luck.