Ceiling Light

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I wire a new ceiling light and switch?

I have a switch that goes to an outlet. I want to add a ceiling light and install a second switch next to the outlet switch. I'm pretty handy? Any helpful tips on the process?

Best Answer...


get a bigger switch box if the current one is a 1 gang. switch to a 2 gang new work(remodel) box. you will then have to fish wire to the attic going from switch box to ceiling, through attic, and then to the hole where you will put the light. use a new work box (octagon or round) for the light or if the light is over 15 pounds, get a fan box. after that, just wire everything. you should be able to feed off the switched outlet's switch. remember to pigtail when necessary.

~~a holesaw is an easy way for cutting a hole for the light. make sure to use a studfinder before you drill.