Candle Stick

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there anyway to stop paper from being flammable?

I'm doing a project on paper and want to make a candle stick holder. I'll get more Marks if I can work out how to stop it from burning, any suggestions?

Best Answer...


How to Make Fireproof Paper
1. Create a mixture of alum and water. This mixture will help seal the paper and make it fireproof.
2. Pick up the piece of paper that you want to be fireproof.
3. Dip the paper in the mixture.
4. Remove paper from mixture.
5. Allow the alum-water to dry.
6. Repeat steps 2-4 if the paper is not fully saturated with alum-water.
* Make sure that the entire paper is saturated with the alum-water.
* The quality, color, and texture will not be affected by this process.
* Try doing a test run on some unimportant paper, this way any mistakes in the mixture can be seen.
* If you're going to test this be careful handling the fire!!