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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you give me some websites to go to to get wicca spells?

I want some websites for wicca spells, but I want them free.

Best Answer...


I love it when people who have no idea what Wicca really is, answer these questions. First, I would like to point out to the others that Wiccans do not believe in Satan or demons of the Christian faith. We believe that one must take responsibility for their own actions and "The devil made me do it," is no excuse. Also, in all actuality "Dark Magic(k)," does not usually work anyways. There are many reasons for this but to put it in simple terms in order for any spell to work you must have clear intent and when you act in anger or revenge obviously, your intent is not very clear.

Now for some free spells, the best spells one could ever perform are spells you create yourself. Below you will find a simple spell format that you could apply to just about any intent. The time you take to design the spell, gather the items, and prepare the items already focuses your energy and intent into the spell making it even stronger.

1.Decide on a time to perform the spell. This could get very complicated with astrological alliances and time of the day. I find that if you start out just focusing on the time of the Moon then your intent remains clear. From New Moon until the Moon goes full is a time to begin new projects or draw things to you. The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment and a time to call upon manifestation of things. From the Full Moon to the New Moon is a good time to end projects and banish things from you. The New Moon is a good time to work on your inner self and inner contemplation.
2.Choose the items you wish to use for the spell. It could be as simple as one candle chosen with a corresponding color for intent. You could use a pendant and charge it with the power to sense danger when worn. To charge the items you could use herbs, oils, magic(k) symbols. You can make this spell as simple or as complicated as you wish. Whatever intent you have for an object’s purpose it will serve that intent. If the color pink to you means friendship then it means friendship, if you see it as shame then it is shame. It is seriously that simple.
3.Cast a circle around you to perform the spell. This circle is not a circle of “protection” it is a circle of containment. While you are working with your magic(k)al items and casting the spell you are building up energy. Instead of sending out only a little bit of energy at a time, it is better to send out a huge amount of energy at one time. To cast the circle all you have to do is point your finger at the ground beginning in the East (or North depending on tradition) and draw a circle around you in a clockwise motion unless you are working destruction magic(k) then go in a counter-clockwise direction.. You can say a little chant stating that you are creating a circle to contain your energy. In the end, while you are performing your spell always remember that this circle is more of a “hemisphere,” a half bubble to contain your energy.
4.Call upon your deity. Ask that your chosen deity or deities join you in the circle. You can choose a deity that holds dominion over your intent (i.e. if you are working a fertility spell you could call upon the powers of the Dagda or Brigid.) State to them the reason you are calling upon their help. Be specific.
5.After of course you have already cleansed your items physically, you need to cleanse them of all negative energy. Think of it like creating a clean slate. You can do this any way you wish. You could cleanse it by asking each element (air, fire, water, earth,) to cleanse it. You could just sprinkle some water on it and state that the energy is banished. You then need to empower each item to serve your intent. To do this call upon the deities you invoked to empower it with their gifts.
6.Work the spell as you designed it. Light the candle, ring the bells, wave the wand, do whatever you have decided to do to achieve your goal. While you are working your spell it is important to visualize your goal manifesting before you. If you wish to loose weight imagine yourself taking the proper actions to loose this weight such as eating healthy, exercising, and drinking plenty of water until you reach your desired weight.
7.After you are finished, thank your deity and give them an appropriate offering for their assistance.
8.Open the circle by using your finger and going the opposite direction that you cast your circle. Say that you are opening your circle and state something to the affect that you are sending your magic(k) to do your will.
9.Know that what you did made a difference and it will begin to work.

Remember magic(k) is not an answer or a solution. It is a means to lend aid in what you are already doing to improve your life. You will still have to get on that treadmill and eat healthy but with magic(k) you will have the will and energy to do it.

Bellow you will find some further information on Spell Casting and Love Spells.

Spell Casting. There are entire books written on this subject alone. I will try to summarize as much as possible on the theories of how spell casting works.

First, I would like to address the issue of, if spell casting really does work. The easiest way to answer this is to say all a spell is, is an active prayer. There are three main aspects to any spell casting.

1.Stating intent.
2.Calling upon deity.
3.Taking action.

The first of the three is the most important as long as your intent is clear then your spell will be heard. While casting the spell remain focused on the task at hand and the desired outcome.

The second, involves calling the correct deity for the matter at hand or just calling upon Spirit to lend aid to your work.

Finally, the best thing anyone can do to make change is take an active role in their own lives. By working magick with elements, herbs, candles, etc. you have already begun the process of change. All that is left is that you continue to take an active role in making your situation better.

Of course not every prayer is answered in the manner we would like, nor is every spell. This is why it is important to be very clear and simple with your intent. Some of the things, which could inhibit a spell from working, are:

Cloudy intent.
Interfering with freewill.
Negative or unsure attitudes during spell casting.
Also, sometimes it just is not time for the spell to take place as it could upset the balance.

One reason “love spells” rarely if ever work is because you are inhibiting a person’s freewill. Like someone before me said why would you want to force anyone to love you? It just seems so empty. If you are however wanting to attract love to you, by this I mean sending out a “magickal message” to the world that you are looking for love, there are many spells that deal with this. You just have to be careful that you are very clear in the type of love or lover you wish to draw to you when stating your intent. By doing this you are allowing Cupid, Aphrodite, Spirit, or which other deity to give a little nudge to someone that will benefit from the relationship as well.

I hope this helps.