Bowl Fillers

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you make your own prims,Where can i buy wholesale very very primitive dolls,bowl fillers etc ?

I have some leads,not nothing very exciting,but i am looking to make at least 40 - 50 % profit. on very prim dolls.Owners please get in touch with me.

Best Answer...


I personally have made a few prim dolls, but they're not my favorites to make. If you're not getting very good leads on a product you'd like to sell, here's an idea for you to possibly try.

Since the weather is warmer, you're going to start seeing more craft sales, county fairs, flea markets, etc. You might go to some of these and check out the vendor's handmade items and if you see something you'd be interested in, ask the vendor if they sell wholesale, etc. I know a lot of people sell their handmade products to different sources in the winter than the summer months.