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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do you make real wallpaper? I want to design a pattern and then turn it into wallpaper. ?

Is this possible? (i'm talking about wallpaper you put on your wall - mot a desktop). thanks!

Best Answer...


Here is how it is done...long, heavy matte paper that is water absorbant, high rag content, 24-27 inches wide, comes on bolts or roll reams. Set up a long table with registration marks on the table.
To get started, you design a pattern and carve it out of wood, the part you want to print is flush with the surface of the block, the part you do nto want to print is carved down lower than the surface (the block must be flat to start off with..and you must leave a handle on it out of wood.
NOW, set up the pattern. It should fall into regular periods (registration marks) so you can match the pattern when hanging. Use an ink pad wetted with a non-water base perminent ink. Block print very carefully aand you will produce wall paper. when it dries, you roll it up, cut to a reasonalbe lenght (some units of 8 PLUS enougth extra for pattern match as you go...if you plan the patter for the height of the cieling, you will have minimum waste.
Now, once dry, spread sizing on smooth wall, allow to dry. In the mean time, roll out the first piece and cut, wet with glue and allow to stand 5 minutes or so to allow the water to penetrate the paper ....the paper will swell. Once swelled, it is ready to hang. Hang as normal, brush to get out air bubbles. Cut another piece to make sure you match pattern, repeat above. Soon enough you will have a papered room that is unique, somethign you can be very proud of, for who else actually makes wall paper???? It is quite a job, but it can be done.
By the way, this is how you make printed fabric also...except that after the ink dries you pass the fabric through a formaldehyde bath to mordate the dye (make it stable) is now ready to cut and sew.!
Good luck and have fun. IF you do not want to make your own blocks, antique shops have wallpaper blocks used long ago to print wall paper.