Blanket Coverlet

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Antique Red Velvet Piano Scarf Coverlet Blanket Fabric Victorian Edwardian Art
Antique Red Velvet Piano Scarf Coverlet Blanket Fabric Victorian Edwardian Art
PRIMITIVE Antique Vtg Style FARMHOUSE Jacquard Blanket Bedspread COVERLET THROW
PRIMITIVE Antique Vtg Style FARMHOUSE Jacquard Blanket Bedspread COVERLET THROW
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Blanket Coverlet

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Bella Blankets Protective Coverlets - A select product for select patients

Influenza - Flu - The simple facts and the cures

What is Influenza - Flu: Influenza is commonly called or known as 'the flu', it is a contagious viral infection of the respiratory tract. Although the flu affects both sexes and all age groups, kids and senior citizens tend to get it the most. The illness even has its own season, which is from November to April, with most of the cases occurring between late December and early March.

What causes Influenza - Flu: The Flu is caused by the Influenza virus. Health professionals classify the virus as influenza type A and type B, each of which includes strains. These strains are different from the original virus but retain some of it's characteristics. The influenza virus changes often, so having flu caused by one strain does not give you full immunity to other strains. This is why a different vaccine is necessary every year to help prevent infection. Influenza (Flu) is easily spread by virus-infected droplets that are coughed or sneezed into the air, and by touching door handles and other items that have been handled by others who are infected, the flu is very contagious.

Symptoms for Influenza - Flu: The flu generaly lasts a week or less, with the main course of symptoms being over in a 3 day period. The symptoms of Influenza (Flu) are Fever, chills, headache, body or muscle aches, loss of appetite, tiredness, cough, sore throat, runny nose, upset stomach, weakness, diarrhea. After 3 days, the fever and other symptoms may have disappeared, but a cough or severe weakness may continue at times for a few more days. All symptoms are usually gone within a week or two. However, it's important to treat the flu seriously, because it can lead to pneumonia or other complications, particularly in infants, senior citizens, and people with long-term health problems. I seem to get the flu every year, and every year it seems to hit me worse than the year before. I also seem to get it towards the end of Janurary or in early February of each year.

Treatment for Influenza - Flu: Once you get the flu there is not a lot you can do to get rid of it, except to wait until it has run it's course. The best thing is to stay in bed with a warm blanket and rest as much as possible. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and weakness. And you may want to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen to relieve headache and body aches. You should avoid giving Aspirin to children. There are some new over the counter medicines that seem to shorten the duration and severity of the flu, that you may want to try, such as: Zicam and another Oscillococcinum, often called Oscillo. I have tried the chewable Zicam tablets myself and the product did seem to make the flu symptoms less severe.

Prevention for Influenza - Flu: The best way to prevent Influenza - Flu, is to get the Flu shot, unless your allergic to it like I am. Two years in a row I got the flu shot and both times I got very sick within 2 days, I got a very bad headache and had a severe upset stomach. You should try to avoide close contact with others that have the flu. Wash you hands and forearms often, espicaly after using public restrooms, opening doors and drinking at public water fountains. Never share cups and eating utensils and don't use other peoples tissues, touching the box is an easy way to pick up the flu bug. Stay home from work or school when you're sick with the flu and rest.

There is a website that provides cures, facts and other great information on Influenza - Flu and numerous medical conditions, the website is called: All About Health, and can be found at this url:

By Robert W. Benjamin

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