Ball Ideal

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3 Antique 1908 Ball Ideal Blue Glass Mason Jars w Wire Bails Primitive Kitchen
3 Antique 1908 Ball Ideal Blue Glass Mason Jars w Wire Bails Primitive Kitchen
Antique Ball Ideal Pint Jar with Glass Lid Wire Bail with OLD MARBLES
Antique Ball Ideal Pint Jar with Glass Lid Wire Bail with OLD MARBLES
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Ball Ideal

Frequently Asked Questions...

Will I suck at soccer if I start when I'm 14?

People say that if you want to be good at something, you start when you're a kid. So I was wondering, if I were to want to try soccer at 14 with A LOT of practice, will I be any good say, when I'm 16?

Best Answer...


With alot of Practice you will improve.
Little drills will improve your ability.

ndividually, skills are developed through repetition. Select one particular technique (like the instep drive or the outside-of-the-foot dribble) and work exclusively on it for at least 30 minutes. It is very important to do this in rhythm and with as few interruptions as possible. You should notice after the workout that your coordination has improved and that you are more confident with this skill.
Here are some alternatives you may consider:
1. Working against the wall (great for kicking and controlling)
When working against the wall, do not just kick the ball around. Make sure you are only applying the specific technique that you pre-selected. For example, kick the ball only using the “push pass” and trap it only with the outside of the foot.
2. Using a number of balls (ideal for shooting and curving the ball)
Set up a line of balls and work on one specific kicking technique. You can do this against a goal or simulate crossing.
3. Having a workout buddy (develops one-versus-one skills)
Use you buddy to play one-versus-one games with little goals. This will teach you many subtleties and improve your effectiveness in individual confrontations.
4. Individual dribbling (technique building)
I would strongly suggest learning to dribble in a straight line (again, make sure you are only using one particular technique.) There are also many exercises for zigzagging through cones so have fun and experiment.
5. Juggling (helps with control and trapping)
Juggling for extensive periods of time is not very effective and can easily become boring. Try to work on more game-realistic situations by transitioning from juggling to other skills like dribbling or shooting. For example, start juggling and flick the ball over your head. Turn around and try to settle it on the ground.
Dedicate an entire training session to one particular skill/technique. In your next session, concentrate on another skill.

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