Antique Victorian

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What website can I go to to find out how much my antique cemetary fence is worth?

We have an old antique victorian cemetary fence around our patio that we ant to sell, are there any good webdites I can go to for info on how much it would be worth?

Best Answer...


Yahoo has a shopping blog, and there's also e-bay.
You can put an ad in your local paper too, there are treasure hunters looking for things like antique cemetery fencing.
But why would you want to sell a treasure like that? It adds value to your homestead if it's left where it is. Also, you can use it inside your home as part of a decorating decor. You can use a section of it as a head board, you can use four panels to make a table, just add a wood top. You can use it around two sides of your walls in a small den area. There are some many uses for it.
It makes a great conversation piece, and you can't put a monetary value on history. I suggest you keep it.