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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you ever miss-pronounce words just for the pure enjoyment of it?

For example, I often say li-BERRY instead of library simply because that is how my father says it and I enjoy annoying people.

Best Answer...


Yes.... and often. Some of my faves are
Cup board for cupboard
Warsh for wash (it's a regional thing but I do it to make fun)
African (for afghan---the blanket thingy)
Mouse Turds for mustard
Sghetti or bisketti (for spaghetti)
Anty Ques for antiques
Horses Doovers for Hors d'œuvre (had to look that word up in the THESS-a-russ)
Pitchburg for Pittsburgh
seepy for sleepy
cinnnamminomin and aluminimimum (just purposely put extra sallillabills in certain words)
And of course, I also like to speak with a lisp, speak ghetto, use an extreme southern draw, or speak like Thurston Howel III, just for the hell of it sometimes, too.

Perhaps I'm weeeahhd (weird).

EDIT: oh, I just remembered this funny thing that happened as a result of constantly purposefully using a wrong word: I went into Panera's restaurant and ordered an Asiago Roast BEAST sandwich by accident. I laughed so hard I cried when the cashier failed at politely keeping a straight face.

And thanks c-effer for the fabrulous question....I'm having a lot of fun wit it.