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How To Fight Reciprocal Linking Frauds

Reciprocal linking is a web marketing strategy that web marketing specialists use for the purpose of generating higher search engine ranking and more site traffic. These are the original purposes of reciprocal linking. For years, reciprocal linking is an indispensable web marketing strategy, not until the reciprocal linking frauds came to be.

Why Do Website's Use Reciprocal Linking Frauds?

There are some websites who claim to be a trusted reciprocal linking partner when in fact they just aim to outwit their so-called linking partner. Why do they use reciprocal linking frauds? There are two possible reasons for this.

• These websites want to have one-way incoming links rather than a reciprocal link. This is due to the fact that one-way incoming link is more valuable than a reciprocal link.

• To avoid participating in reciprocal linking activity with lower ranking websites.

These two are the most possible reasons why some websites have thought of tricking their reciprocal linking partners. What reciprocal linking frauds do these websites use?

Warning: Reciprocal Linking Frauds

Since reciprocal linking has marked its own worth in terms of web marketing and site promotion, it became a favorite object for fraud. There are some websites who just can't make a true and clean reciprocal linking. They always try to outwit their linking partners using any of the following reciprocal linking frauds and tricks:

Absent Back Link

One reciprocal linking fraud that some websites use is the absent back link. This happens when your website's reciprocal linking partner asks for a link from your website in exchange of a back link. When you have already linked to their website, they won't give your website a back link. Thereby, giving their websites a one way incoming link.

Hidden Link

There are times when some websites make your back link invisible to the search engines. They use JavaScript to hide the back links. There are times when your reciprocal linking partner uses the rel="nofollow" attribute which makes the search engines ignore your link.

Redirect Script For Back Link

Some reciprocal linking partners use a redirect script to hide the back link pointing to your website. The back link which is supposed to take the search engines and online users to your website actually points to another page on the reciprocal linking partner's website. This way, the back link pointing to your website is not recognized by the web crawler, making it a useless link.

Reciprocal linking still lives and is still effective in increasing your website's search engine ranking and traffic, BUT only if it is performed properly. Don't be a victim of reciprocal linking frauds and don't be a reciprocal linking fraud user as well. This is to ensure that we can still enjoy the benefits of reciprocal linking in our web marketing activity.This article is written bynPresencean online web marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click advertising, Content Management Systems, Web Design, Conversion Tracking and Analysis. For all your web marketing needs, please visitWeb Marketing Ireland.

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Valuable Antiques

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Antique Avon aftershave a valuable find at car boot sale

Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone know of a place to take something you think might be an antique in the los angeles area?

I came across some things I believe may be antiques and want to know where to take them to find out...I have no clue.

Best Answer...


If you are looking to get an estimate on the value of the items, be careful.
Do not give vendors your name, address, or phone number.
I collect antique tools, and there are a lot a crooks out there.
Some of the antique freaks can be rather vicious.
It is very easy to screw someone out of a valuable antique.
Take some photos of the items (highly detailed photos) and go to some antique shops, or find a forum online to get an idea of what you have.
If you can find out who the manufacturer of the item is, contact them.
Odds are that you probably don't have much, but more than a few people have gold mines in their homes without even knowing it.
Good luck.

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