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who are actual dravidians? please name them?

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The Actual Dravidians are people who speak non-Indo-European languages, primarily in Southern India and Northern Sri Lanka. These languages include Tamil and Malayalam. When we speak of Dravidian culture, we generally refer to an indigenous pre-Hindu culture such as the one described in the Tamil Tolkāppiyām, written in the first and second centuries CE, Dravidian culture in all likelihood developed from the Indus Valley culture in south India in the Neolithic period and, in terms of religion, was probably earthcentered and possibly dominated by a goddess cult.

Dravidian Languages- As per
Family of 23 languages spoken by more than 165,000,000 people in South Asia. In terms of population figures the major languages of the family may be listed in the following order: Telugu, 52,986,000; Tamil, 44,400,000; Kannada (Kannada), also called Kanarese, 27,900,000; Malayalam (Malayalam), 27,500,000; Gondi, 2,460,100; Tulu (Tulu), 1,427,000; and Kurukh (Kurukh), 1,358,000. The Dravidian languages are spoken in the Republic of India (mainly in its southern, eastern, and central parts), in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and by settlers in areas of Southeastern Asia, southern and eastern Africa, and elsewhere. Brahui (Brahui), with 750,000 speakers in Pakistan, is isolated from all of the other members of the family. The four major languages—Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam—possess independent scripts and literary histories dating from the pre-Christian Era.-