Uncleaned Ancient

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Ancient Roman Glass Iridescent Jug Uncleaned One Handle With Spiral On Neck Look
Ancient Roman Glass Iridescent Jug Uncleaned One Handle With Spiral On Neck Look
Ancient Roman Glass Incredible Antique Iridescent Jug Uncleaned Two Handles Look
Ancient Roman Glass Incredible Antique Iridescent Jug Uncleaned Two Handles Look
Medieval UNCLEANED ANCIENT buckle partials 14th 16th 6 ounces 60 pieces
Medieval UNCLEANED ANCIENT buckle partials 14th 16th 6 ounces 60 pieces
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Uncleaned Ancient

Game Walkthrough: Ancient Adventures: Gift of Zeus Walkthrough

Go on an Ancient Adventure to Greece and find the fantastic Gift of Zeus in this fun and exciting Hidden Object game!

Join our heroine as she tries to learn the secrets of the Athens' catacombs and collect the precious pearls that are needed to protect the gods! Explore gorgeous levels, and go on a one-of-a-kind journey in Ancient Adventures – Gift of Zeus today!

* This is a Hidden Object Adventure game. Some of the items you collect will go into your inventory bag so they can be used later.

* You can open or close your inventory tray by clicking the Bag (C) in the lower right.

* Objects are generally appropriate to the scene and the right color, but may be larger or smaller than real life.

* The Find List will vary from player to play (and during replay). The Key Items which will always be the same.

* Use the MENU tab in the lower right to return to the Main Menu. The game saves automatically.

* Click on the MAP tab (A) in the lower right to go to the Map and choose a different location.

* Click on the HINT icon in the lower right if you need a hint. This will draw a glowing circle around one of the items on the Find List.

* The hint will recharge after each use.

* There is no timer.

* If you have too many incorrect clicks in a row the cursor dances around for a few seconds, but there are no other penalties.

* If the cursor turns into a magnifying glass, you will be able to use an Inventory Item there. Click to get a hint about what item to use.

* If the cursor turns into an eye, you will be able to click there to zoom in.

* If the cursor turns into a pointing finger, you can click there to use an Inventory Item you have previously clicked on.

* To use an Inventory Item, click on it in the Inventory Tray and move the cursor to where you want to use it in the scene; click again to use it.

* If you select an item from the Inventory Tray and then decide you don’t want to use it, right-click on an empty slot in the tray to put it back.

* When using an Inventory Item in the scene, pay attention to the cursor, not the exact position of the item. Click when the cursor turns into a pointing finger and the item will be placed correctly.

* The items listed in blue on the Find List (B) cannot be collected immediately. In most cases you will have to use an Inventory Item to access them, such as using a KEY from your inventory to unlock a door, and then collecting something from behind the door, or using CLIPPERS to cut a flower.

* Each Hidden Object Scene will also include two PINK CRYSTALS. These will not be listed on the Find List. Each time you get a new Find List there will be two new PINK CRYSTALS, even if it’s a previously visited location.

* The PINK CRYSTALS are marked in pink in screenshots.

* You will also earn one PINK CRYSTAL for each mini-game you complete successfully.

* There are 100 PINK CRYSTALS in the game.

* PINK CRYSTALS unlock the power-ups! These do things like reducing the reuse timer on the HINT meter.

* Power-ups will be applied as soon as you earn them, and last for the rest of the game.

* Some terms in the game typically refer to certain items, or a group of items with similar characteristics (or may be unfamiliar to the average user):

* "Lace" is usually a lace doily used as a placemat.

* "Buckler" is a type of shield that has a strap on the back.

* "Chain" will always refer to chain by itself, not chain as part of shackles or jewelry.

* "Necklace" will not have a pendant attached. Those are listed as "Pendant."

* "Knife" will always be an eating utensil, not a Dagger.

* "Jewel Stones" are shiny gems like emeralds or rubies.

* "Crustacean" will usually be a crab.

* "Key" will be a key by itself, not part of a set on a Keyring.

* A written number like "FIVE" or "TEN" will usually be a roman numeral.

* To see the power-ups you have earned so far, click on the MAP tab in the lower right; then click on the Jewelry Bag (D) in the lower left of the scene.

* In the first few chapters, the Map is not available, so the game will automatically take you to your next location. You can still click on the MAP tab to view the bonus Encyclopedia entries.

* To read the Encyclopedia, click on the MAP tab in the lower right; then click on the book (E) at the top of the scene.

* Once you get to Chapter 4, you will use the Map to choose which Hidden Object Scene you want to work on next. You can usually work on these in any order.

* Each Hidden Object Scene on the Map has a counter (F) showing how many items are left to find there.

* Once you have completed the Find List, a checkmark (G) will appear on the Map for that location and you will no longer be able to select it for this chapter. Make sure you collect the two PINK CRYSTALS in each scene before you collect the last item on the Find List!

* The Jewel Tray in the upper left shows you how many of the MAGIC PEARLS you have collected.

* There is no HINT button for the mini-games, but some do have sparkle hints. These can be especially helpful in find-the-differences games.

* Most find-the-differences are obvious, but there is sometimes an item that is just a slight difference in shade, like the difference between gold and tan. If you are stuck, look for color differences!

* Different players may have a few different items in the find-the differences games.

* Jigsaw puzzles have a very unusual rotation sequence in this game. Not only do they rotate around a central pivot, but they can be flipped to form a mirror image. This changes the shape of the piece! If you have a piece and you can’t figure out where it goes, right-click the mouse until you see the mirror image version.

* Jigsaw and Mosaic pieces will lock into place when set correctly.

* You may match any tiles on which the single, long side is free in the Mah Jong games. You may also match any tiles on which two sides are free.

* Completing a mini-game successfully will give you more PINK CRYSTALS and unlock an Encyclopedia entry.

* You can get a longer version of some of the mini-game instructions by clicking on the HELP tab.

* If you prefer, you can skip any mini-game once the SKIP meter is recharged, but then you can’t earn all the PINK CRYSTALS, so you may not get all the power-ups.

* When you complete or skip a mini-game, the Key Item you unlock will appear in the main scene near the spot where you triggered the mini-game. You will need to click on it to collect it.

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New kind of uncleaned roman fake coins- fake crust on empty disk!

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