Roman Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions...

help..I need to lose 21 kilos!?

Okay so please know lectures and getting angry.... This is a serious question and it would be great if someone could help me.

I'm 160cm and 50 kilograms...I used to be 38 kilos at the same height but anyway I need to get down to 29 kilos, the reason doesn't matter I just need to!

I know it will be impossible to do it really quickly but that doesn't matter. As long as I can do it by sometime next year.

Thanks :)

Best Answer...


Take some physical exercises with balanced & controlled diet. Especially use Sona Belt, Treadmill, Abs king etc. But most helpful exercise is the cycling with roman ring. Just hang up with the roman ring & press your both legs as like as you ride on a cycle. Do that until your legs get a little pain. Do the exercise 3/4 tips per day. You can get more information from this site: Thank you.