Roman Knee

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A Roman Bronze Knee Fibula Brooch
A Roman Bronze Knee Fibula Brooch
SUPERB Ancient ROMAN SILVER KNEE BROOCH old jewelry artifact gold antique fibula
SUPERB Ancient ROMAN SILVER KNEE BROOCH old jewelry artifact gold antique fibula
SUPERB Authentic Ancient ROMAN KNEE BROOCH old jewelry ex Hendin collection vf
SUPERB Authentic Ancient ROMAN KNEE BROOCH old jewelry ex Hendin collection vf
Authentic Ancient ROMAN KNEE BROOCH old jewelry
Authentic Ancient ROMAN KNEE BROOCH old jewelry
A Large Roman Bronze Knee Brooch 150 200 AD
A Large Roman Bronze Knee Brooch 150 200 AD
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Roman Knee

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Core Exercise - Roman Knee / Leg Raise w/ Kat Painter (

Xodus Group

Warehouse Fitness is your manufacturing facility direct source for an Xodus weight bench. The Xodus brand identify is understood for the standard and sturdiness of its weight benches and utility equipment. Warehouse Health is proud to offer our clients the whole Xodus weight bench line at Direct from Warehouse Prices. We mix our great collection of every Xodus weight bench and low costs with the perfect customer service earlier than, throughout and after your purchase.

There are many web sites that promote the Xodus weight bench line, but Warehouse health truly has the lowest costs and largest selection of Xodus available. The Xodus weight bench line contains three totally different sizes of benches to fit your wants; Olympic, Mid-width, and Standard. The Xodus Olympic weight bench line has the heaviest weight capacity of all the units, and can accommodate a 7 ft. Olympic bar only. The Xodus Mid-width weight bench line has a slightly lighter whole weight capability and can accommodate each a 6 ft. and seven ft. Normal or Olympic bar. The Xodus Customary weight bench line is usually for newbies or light training and will accommodate each a 5 ft. and 6 ft. Normal bar only.

The Xodus weight bench line consists of many extras that it is competitors do not. To view more info, merely click on on any Xodus weight bench for detailed descriptions and features. Every Xodus weight bench includes FREE transport, so no guess work is concerned on the delivered price. You can buy your Xodus weight bench with confidence understanding that you simply just made your purchase at warehouse prices and join our listing of happy clients!

Xodus FMG-3241 Deluxe Starter Bench

Discount weight benches that are actually a decent piece of equipment is what most of us look for. Fortunately, quality but low cost weight benches is one thing for which Xodus is growing a reputation. The Xodus FM-3241 Deluxe Starters are a tremendous instance of high quality discount weight benches.

Typical of Xodus they've thought to include a built in weight and bar storage rack (non-obligatory), bicep (front of higher arm) preacher bench and even a lat pulldown.


powder coated, rust and chip proof, heavy steel frame

barbell racks

500lb capability excessive density foam padded, incline-flat-decline adjustable bench

125lb capability lat pulldown pulley station

wide lat pulldown bar

bicep preacher curl bench

leg extension (front of thigh)/leg curl (back of thigh) attachment

weight and bar storage racks (elective)


75"(length) x 40"(width) x 75"(height)


1 year manufacturers warranty



good quality. Simply bear in mind this is not of the identical high quality as a Physique Stable or Powertec for instance but it's not as costly either

preacher bench. Preacher curls are a terrific train for isolating the biceps and the forearm muscles

lat pulldown. Attention-grabbing to see this on a traditional home gym. Great for tricep (back of higher arm) pushdowns as well.

optional weight and bar storage. Take it from me and get this option. Avoiding the inconvenience of getting weights strewn in all places makes it properly value the extra expense


the lat pulldown capacity is a bit light. You don't have to be very sturdy pulldown 125lbs

I'd like to see the barbell racks a bit of wider, just like the Xodus Olympic with lat pulldown Have you ever ever pinched the skin of your palm between the rack and the barbell.......not nice!


A nice home gymnasium for starting off. You're positively spoiled to get a lat pulldown as well as all the pieces else. Xodus now have an impressive range of reasonably priced residence gyms and so they hit the spot by including little extras that loads of different manufactures ignore.


Prices include shipping

At find information regarding xodus home gym, xodus weight bench, and cap barbell xodus roman chair.

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