Roman Carnelian

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Zodiac birthstone for Leo?

According to the ANCIENT ZODIAC,
what is the birthstone for Leo?
My birth date is july 28th, 1989.
I know it's ruby according to modern beliefs,
According to ancient ZODIAC.
I've heard,

Any advice?

Please let me know how or where you found the info.

Best Answer...


August Birthstones - Leo - (Lion)
There are a number of gemstones which are listed as birthstones for August. The birthstones for the month of August are Peridot, Sardonyx, diamond, sapphire, carnelian, ruby, alexandrite and zircon.
Modern - Peridot
Traditional - Sardonyx
Mystical - Diamond
Ayurvedic - Sapphire
Hebrew - Carnelian
Roman - Carnelian
Arabic - Sardonyx
Hindu - Ruby
Polish - Sardonyx
Russian - Alexandrite
Italian - Carnelian
Zodiac (Virgo) - Carnelian
Talismanic (Virgo) - Zircon

LEO: Lion 23rd July - 22nd August
Element: Fire Planet: Sun
August Power Stones: Quartz Crystal