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Hi everybody! I would like to know if someone can help me translating a word from english to ottoman turkish!?

So the word is HOPE, and by hope I don't mean the religious meaning. I'm talking about hope in humanity. I know, but i'm not sure, that the word that describes that kind of hope is UMUT... So I would like the word hope translated in ottoman turkish, so with the ancient ottoman alphabet. I pretty much checked out everywhere on the internet but couldn't find any help.
Well, thanks for the help!

Best Answer...


I don't know Arabic, but Ottoman Turkish used Arabic letters.

Hope in wikipedia==>

Umut ( or Ümit ) in vikipedi ( Turkish wikipedia)

Finally, its Arabic version

Ask your question in Ramadan section.
Ask someone to translate hope ( Umut) in Turkish in Arabic
Someone may help .

EDIT !!!!!!!!!!!

I found it:))))))))
Check page 503
ümid ( with a hat sign on i)