Bronze Amulet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I care for an image of Buddha ?

I received a small, 3.5", bronze amulet of a Buddha image. I was told the statue would bring me good fortune and protection. Being ignorant of the care of such holy artifacts, I was wondering if someone could tell me of any special care this amulet should be given?
I have no plans to worship the image of buddha! I was told the amulet was blessed by a Thai Buddhist Monk and would bring the owner good fortune and protection. I just happen to like the color and details of the amulet and want to treat the image with the respect any religious relic deserves.

Best Answer...


Thank you for being a person who will seek answers to things that you are unsure of. I am a Buddhist and I appreciate those who ask questions rather than attack like many other people who posted answers here.

Since it is an amulet and not a statue you can place it anywhere in your house. You can wear it on your neck with a red string. That is what people typically do with them. The red string reminds you of the "blood line" of the Buddha and how we all have the potential of becoming a Buddha within us.

Any image of a Buddha should be placed above the floor. Don't ever set it on the floor; also keep the bottom of your feet from pointing towards it (this is the same rule in a temple). Even though it is a material object it does need to be treated with respect because it has the picture or likeness of the Buddha. (I would be interested to know which Buddha it is, there are many of them contrary to what people believe).

You can learn about Buddhism with out giving up your other religion. We encourage it. There is a book called "That's Funny you don’t look Buddhist” about a woman who balances being Jewish and Buddhist.

I noticed that people on here were very critical of being a Buddhist or having Buddhist images in your house... this is very sad. They said some very hurtful things. I wish them the ability to act with loving kindness and not hatred. As I would never tell them to throw out a picture or replica or statue or anything representing their religion.

An added fact Buddha was never and will never be a god. He was a monk and a teacher, a man no more no less. Buddhist will ever refer to him as a god. In Buddhism we do not believe in creator gods.

I wish you the best and hope this helps