Beautiful Pair

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Should I use a leather protector spray on a pair of expensive RED leather gloves?

I got a beautiful pair of Italian red leather gloves for Christmas and have yet to wear them because I haven't used a leather protector on them. I'm worried that the protector will change the colour of the gloves (right now they are a bright red, and I don't want them darkened by a protective spray.) What should I do? Thanks! :)

Best Answer...


If you use a quality leather protector then it will not change the colour. The most effective one on the market is LTT Ultra Protect and this will nto affect the colour on any leather (even pure aniline). If the leather is an aniline leather (an absorbent one) then the leather will go darker when applied but it will dry out to the origianl colour so there is no need to be alarmed. These products are highly sophisticated and have been tested and researched so are safe and effective.