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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i hook up my microkorg with reason on a mac?

i want to use my 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch audio adapter to link them together on to reason because i dont have a midi to usb cable and i dont even know if that kind of cable will work yet. i also do no know what i need to select in reason under korg there are about five options and i am not sure. lastly i am running the 1/4 inch connector from L/MONO which is right im pretty sure but i dont know which 1/8 inch jack to plug into there is the head phones and then the two arrowheads pointing at a circle from opposite sides which im not sure what that does. please help me!!!

Best Answer...


Reason doesn't record audio. Connecting your microkorg to your mac will only serve as a midi controller to manipulate the Reason devices. For this you need to connect your microkorg to a midi interface via the midi out jack on the microkorg. If you want to use the the head phone jack out to record the audio from the microkorg, you'll need to use a separate software.

More basic info:

Midi is not an audio signal. Midi only sends and recieves messages like note names, and velocity. No such cable exists that will turn midi into audio.