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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need to take a humanities course?

ANd i must choose between those English classes that deal with
romaticism literature, drama literature, british lit, early american lit, old or new testament, film lit, classical-present lit, women in lit, intro to fiction and stuff of the likes. Or the other choices would be philosophy, like intro to ethics, or survey of ancient/medieval PHILO, or Modern/comtemporary Philo.

What do you recommend? WHat did you like?

Best Answer...


My advice is to stay away from all Classical and Early literature because based on my experiences in high school and undergrad the material/literature is so difficult to understand (the language especially) that half the time your professors will openly admit to this (I know mine did). Which made it that much harder to write papers on this stuff.

Stay away from Drama Shakespeare will def be involved in that and he was the MOST DIFFICULT I have ever come across in my whole entire academic career, almost none of my professors or teachers understood that guy lol.

I liked Ethics and Philosophy (modern/contemporary), the things you learn in this class will change and shape you as a person. You will think differently about your own ethics, morals, and values. The subject matter is very interesting.