Ancient Byzantine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

If you loved Byzantine and Etruscan jewelry, which town would you visit in Italy?

Where is the greatest area for Buying Gold Jewelry?

Best Answer...


Generally speaking to buy the artistic jewelry the best area in Italy is Florence and specifically the shops on the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio). However don't expect to find that many of jewels reproducing the ancient Byzantine and Etruscan stiles. If instead you like watching to them you may go to the specific museums spreaded in many parts of Italy. In particular for any kind of Byzantine art the very best place where to go is Ravenna (in the Emilia-Romagna region) while for the Etruscan art there are awesome museums in Volterra, Tuscania,Vetulonia,Cerveteri and Viterbo (Tuscany and Latium areas are the best for the Etruscans).