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SALE Model Price Guide 2009 Edition The Must Have Guide For All Die Cast Coll
SALE Model Price Guide 2009 Edition The Must Have Guide For All Die Cast Coll
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All Have

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Do We All Have A Mental Blueprint?

Do We All Have A Mental Blueprint?Whether we realize it or not we all have a mental blueprint. From the day we are born, as we grow we get hundreds of ideas about ourselves. Are we good or bad, smart or dumb, poor or successful? This is the self image we start having of ourselves, the way we think we are. It’s not who we are, but who we think we are.Once the idea about our self is recorded in our subconscious, we just automatically think that is who we have to be. In order to change, you must think differently. Don’t get hung up on the person you think you are, think of the kind of person you would like to be. You don’t have to have permission from others to change your life. Your own desire is the only permission you will ever need. Don’t ever think what you want for yourself is wrong, just because others don’t want the same thing. In order to really change your mental blueprint, you have to change inside not outside. A lot of people will feel if they change the car they drive, or change the color of their house, maybe even the landscaping, it will make them look like a better person. Just changing the outside scenery doesn’t change the inside scenery. So, do we all have a mental blueprint? Yes! Can we change our mental blueprint? Yes! All you have to do is think of the person you want to be, it’s all mental not black and white.

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