Age Flint

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Treasure hunting potato and stubble field Stone Age flint tools and relics

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 HUGE 9 1 2 LONG Flaked Danish Flint Celt Adze Neolithic Stone Age Axe Tool
HUGE 9 1 2 LONG Flaked Danish Flint Celt Adze Neolithic Stone Age Axe Tool
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Age Flint


Hanna Flint: Are the Kardashians the Modern Day Bennets? (TV Squad)

I can hear you snigger, and yes even I find it difficult to put Kardashian in
the same sentence as one of literature's greatest familial creations. But when
part of my job is to document the activities of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall
and Kylie I can't help but see the similarities between the Ks and the Bs.

And I don't just mean that there are five sisters in each clan.

Last week some pictures of Kylie Jenner landed on my desk and I was asked to
write a fashion story on the outfit she wore to a Justin Bieber concert. The
just turned 15-year old was wearing skin-tight red leather trousers a (lacy)
bra-exposing black vest and stilettos.

I certainly didn't see outfits like that in the Tammy girl window when I was

The reality family's youngest member has been rocking a number of these age-
inappropriate outfits, with the news angle suggesting she's emulating her
older sister Kim. But when I look at Kylie dressed up as a woman twice her
age, I can't help but see Lydia Bennet.

The youngest of the Bennet sisters, she constantly tries to compete with her
elder siblings ...

TV Squad

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