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Mazda Zuper Zoom Road Show Is Back

The Middle East has been the chosen venue of the Mazda Motor Corporation. For what event you may ask? Let us just simply say that the Mazda Zuper Zoom, which is a road show, would now be returning and would surely be making a big splash in the automotive market.

This big event would be held at the Towell Auto Mall which is located in Markaz Al Bahja which is located in the country of Oman. The company sure did enjoy a lot in the success that the previous Mazda Zuper Zoom road show brought that is why it has decided on bringing back this great road show. Sure enough, all Mazda followers and all simple car and vehicle aficionados would find definitely interesting.

What makes this new Mazda road show unique is that it will be held in a unique location. The Towell Auto Mall is actually located in the basement of one of the country’s premium shopping malls making it a mall within a mall. And that adds quite a spark to the whole event. At present, this Towell Auto Mall is displaying various brands of the Towell Auto Center which houses brands like Mazda, Seat, and Mahindra. It has not been disclosed though if this auto mall also offers visitors the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind vehicle parts likeMazda RX4 parts. However, with a unique location like this, the Mazda Zuper Zoom would be giving the company another round of success.

Annurag Chawla is the brand manager for Mazda in the mentioned location. Chawla states, "At Towell we are constantly working on ideas to get closer to our clientele. This pioneering auto mall was one such novel idea to reach out. With great location the mall within the mall attracts many potential buyers and eases their find for a perfect car. So naturally the Towell Auto Mall becomes our chosen venue for a rerun of the already popular Mazda roadshow."Mazda Parts and Mazda Auto Parts
Margaret Adams is the present manager of the largest auto manufacturing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This 35 year old maiden is a certified car enthusiast.

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