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Art Appraisal Q&A

What are Commemorative Coins?

With so much information and beauty contained in so small a package, it is
no surprise that coin collecting has been a hobby nearly as long as the
concept of coins themselves.

The history of gold coins dates as far back as 2,700 years ago. The first
gold coins in the world were issued in Lydia around 640 B.C. certain
internet websites will provide you with a lot of information about the
history of gold coins.

The value of gold coins is usually higher than the value of their weight in
gold bullion, making them a better investment than the gold market

This guide will help you recognize a few exceptional American rare coins
that you just might have lying around your house, shoved in a change jar,
or tucked away into a pocket.

Avoid touching the coin unnecessarily, as dirt and grease from your fingers
will tarnish the finish over time. Exposure to air oxidizes metal, changing its

Many collect coins to commemorate great events in their lives, a child's
graduation, a new baby¡­or to mark historical events such as the Queen's
Golden Jubilee.

There are various reasons to collect coins. Some people collect coins from
a specific period of time, some collect coins based on perceived future
value, some collect coins based on type of metal, some for historical value.
Commemorative coins are a popular form of collection, as are rare minted
coins like those which had an error in their stamping. If a certain set of
coins doesn¡¯t interest you, it won¡¯t be any fun at all to become a

If you have a long-term relationship, however, the margin does not need
to be as high for the coin dealer to make a good profit.

What are Commemorative Coins?

Commemorative coins have become very popular. Many people want to
have different kinds of coins in their collections or for souvenirs. Many
times they are used as traditional gifts for special occasions. These coins
are not considered to be practical gifts, bur are commemorative items
that can be kept for years as special souvenirs when received by a special
friend or loved one.

There is a strong demand for these coins among people who are
collectors as they may have significant meaning to them. Others will want
them to remember an important day or occasion. The mint date and the
event celebrated by the coin could be one factor people consider them
collectible items. Since the 1970s, the individual coins were available in the
market every year, but are now available as sets in packages or in special
displays. Many collectors say that one reason they are marketed this way
was the depreciation of their value starting in 1971. The introduction of
the euro may also be a factor.

There are countries that have produce commemorative coins and used
these coins for propaganda. There were monarchs who issued coins to
commemorate past or current events and/or celebrations that recognized
their authority.

The half dollar was produced in 1892 to commemorate the Columbian
Exposition in Chicago. This was a celebration to mark the 400th
anniversary of the expedition of Christopher Columbus and his discoveries
in the world.

During the following year, the first quarter dollar commemorative was
introduced to signify the Exposition as well, but it also gave honor to
queen Isabella of Spain. She was the one who ¡°back-pedaled¡± the political
agendas on Women Rights. The first commemorative coins that were
made of silver were introduced in the 1900s. The coins were minted in
honor of Lafayette and George Washington. In the following years, the
half dollar coin was denominated, and the legal tender commemorative
coins were created to mark celebrations rather than historical events.
These coins are recognized today as classical sets of special coins of
historical events between the years1892 - 1954.

But as time goes by, the number of these coins go down. Some get lost
and some are damaged beyond recognition.

Another common oversight is when the mint mark, the tiny letter on
most American coins that indicates which mint created the coin, is missing
or incorrect.

The Augustus Saint-Gauden Double Eagle is widely considered to be one
of the most beautiful coins America has ever produced.

Coin Collection in Renaissance Times Modern coin collecting, where the
coins are viewed as a work of art as well as a collection of valuable legal
tender, is widely thought to have begun with Francesco Petrarca, or
Petrarch, who is often called the father of the Renaissance. For most gold
coin collectors, there are the highly coveted rare gold coins and a lot of
gold coin collectors are interested in these rare gold coins that they will
offer high bids just to be able to get their hands on these.

Three basic rules here: buy what you like, buy what you can afford, and
buy at a reasonable price. Follow this advice and you'll enjoy your coins
more, you won't pay too much for them and you won't go bankrupt.

The mintmark of the coin can usually be found near the date and on
newer coins the mintmarks are as follows: "P" Philadelphia, "D" Denver,
"S" San Francisco,"W" West Point New York. Older coins may show the
following mintmarks: "C" Charlotte North Carolina, "CC" Carson City
Nevada, "D" Dahlonega Georgia, "O" New Orleans.

Coin collecting for investment purposes can be a tricky endeavor.

All too often, new coin collectors who try to go it on their own without
professional help end up being scammed out of hundreds or thousands of

It was in 1932 that the Washington quarter dollar was released as the
United States¡¯ second commemorative coin in its denomination. It was
issued for the 200th birth anniversary of George Washington. The coin
also continues its circulation as a commemorative coin because of its

It was uncharacteristic to circulate a commemorative coin of the 1892 -
1954 era in the United States because the government had not
intentionally put them into circulation, (they were not legally approved by
the government for public use) so collectors will not pay the premium
costs of these coins that are still in the market.

In 1975, that the Bicentennial quarter was introduced. It became the
second circulating commemorative coin in the country, while the silver
dollars and half dollars (1776 ¨C 1976) were reissued as a special collector¡¯s

Many collectors have different agendas when collecting these coins. Some
prefer commemorative coins from 1892 - 1954 while most collectors
choose the modern editions. They know that these coins have different
values depending on the series and/or editions. Although there have
been different series released, a proposal was submitted to congress that
would mark the Lincoln cent for his birth anniversary. No one knows
whether or not the 1-cent denomination commemorative coin will be

The confusing part of these commemoratives that are circulating is the
pattern of the denomination. The 1776-1976 commemoratives half-dollar
and silver dollar may not be included in collections because of their
scarcity. Most of the coins that are circulating are the quarter dollar coins.
It should be an interesting development for the proposed circulation of
the one cent commemorative coin.

The collection of ancient, commemorative, and rare coins is a fun and
exacting hobby, and opens up a realm of history that most people never
get to see.

An avid coin collector will be able to tell you virtually every piece of history
that surrounds any coin in their collection both because they tend to
specialize and because knowledge is one of the most important factors
when it comes to starting and maintaining a collection of any value or

Perhaps one day the coin you bought last year will have gone up in value,
but the idea is to buy it so you can enjoy it now, and for as long as you
own it.

Before purchasing coins, one must do much research about that coin. He
must assess its current market value and make sure that the coin is
genuine. Always be on the lookout for rare gold coins, and have coins
appraised by a gold coin expert to avoid large differences in price. State
coins can appreciate in value if you know what to look for.

Nevertheless, a very few pennies were minted in 1943 out of copper
instead. These rare coins are worth upwards of $200,000 today, and they
look exactly like any other penny.

While there are some real gold coin enthusiasts in the internet, there are
also those people who are posing as gold coin collectors and are just
looking to rip you off.

You can get a silver locating device or a magnetic pole for finding loose
coins in ditches, under cars, or in other hard-to-reach places. Or simply rely
on your eyes to identify those gleaming metal circlets of potential wealth.
So popular was the pursuit and trade of ancient Greek and Roman coins in
this time period, that a brisk business in high-quality counterfeits sprang
into being. Today, these counterfeits even have a high value, due to
their age, quality, and historical significance.Always be on the lookout forrare gold coins, and have coins appraised by a gold coin expert to avoid large differences in price.

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