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Tour of Buddha

Are you suffering from mental anxiety? Or there is paucity of love and belief in your life! Are you feeling depressed/ lost? The only place that can provide you the serenity and pure peace is India. Especially, the temple tour or Buddha tour in India gives you the real pleasure of peace, as these places are holy shrines and stupas that bring back peace in your life.
On influx in New Delhi you go to visiting India Gate, Qutub Minar, President's House, and Lotus Temple etc. Half-day you visitthe attractions trip of Old Delhi visiting Red Fort, Shanti Vana, Raj Ghat – a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi – the father of Nation, etc.

Turn up in Bhubaneswar. Afternoon you go for temple excursions of Bhubaneswar. Visit the most famed temples: Rajarani, Mukteswar, Sidheswar, Parasurameswar and Lingaraj, Bindusagar Lake. Many tourists from overseas rush to India during their holidays to avail of the India temple travel tour or India Buddha pilgrimage tours to the religious features of India and its dignity and the mingle of culture, heritage and religion.

After breakfast you trip to Dhauli Hill. See the rock statute and Buddhist temple. The great skirmish of "Kalinga" took place contiguous to river "Daya", where Emperor ASHOK slued millions of solders. The emergence of " BUDDHISM" is from the period 276 - B.C. Later persist drive to visit the rock-cut cause at Khandagiri and Udayagiri. After Lunch, you visit to Nandankanan zoo & botanical garden. So when you come for Buddha temple tour or simply on a temple tour in India you come to know many glorious and educative historical facts of Indian history that have influenced the globe from the dawn of civilization.

After breakfast, full day tour to world famous Buddhist University- quarry site, where the remnants of Lord Buddha found in a golden coffer. These places were famous in history- as per the Chinese visitor Hveng SA. Innumerable visitors tour India from every corner of the map during their holidays that you can also avail of by opting for the Buddha holiday pilgrimage package.

After breakfast, proceed to Konark and visit the "SUN TEMPLE" dates back to 13th century and built by Ganga Dynasty. The shrine has been acknowledged as " WORLD HERITAGE SITE" Later continues drive to Puri. So you can enjoy the heritage of India and the temples during this Temple travel tour package India. On influx, check -in to hotel. Afternoon city tour of Puri-including visits to colorful market and Lord Jagannath temple.

On influx at BHUBANESWAR, move to railway station to board nightlong train for Varanasi.

Influx at Mughal Sarai (Varanasi), transfer to hotel. Morning you go for expedition to Sarnath. Afternoon you go out for a half-day sightseeing tour visiting temples and university. Buddha tour India package or Buddhist pilgrimage tour India are such travel package available in India that helps you to learn more about culture, religion and their coexistence sans opposition.All India tour packages offers various India tour packages and other travel services in India. You can visit-

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Crafts for Senior Citizens?

I am searching for craft ideas for Senior Citizens. These crafts must not involve a lot of dexterirty and must not be a childlike craft. Im looking for something that the seniors can be proud of. Any ideas?

Best Answer...


Decoupage. These can be truly beautiful. I used decoupage techniques to put botanical prints on my old, painted kitchen cabinets when I remodeled my kitchen. Several people have asked me where I bought my cabinets.

Decoupage is essentially cutting out pictures or designs from wrapping paper, magazines, photographs etc. and gluing them to a hard surface such as wood, poster board, glass, or tin.

Then you give them several protective coats of varnish to make them permanent. Right now there are a lot of paper companies making all sorts of expensive papers and kits. You don't need any of that.

There are a few site on the web that discuss decoupage.
The easiest way to learn is to check out a book from the library...preferably and older one.

If you can handle a 2" paint brush, you can decoupage.