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Secret to Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds

I recently sold a tin that contained candies, which I bought about a
month ago. I sold it to a woman who paid 10 dollars for it because she
was collecting tins from this particular brand of candy and my one had a
famous cartoon character on the side of it.

Geocaching is a modern-day outdoor activity that involves a 'treasure
hunt', with the help of GPS (global positioning system) devices.A GPS
device is a small gadget that can indicate your exact position anywhere on
earth, using satellites.

Temperature changes getting in and out of cars and buildings cause
diamonds to come loose from their settings. Because of this, parking lots
are one of the most common places diamonds are lost. I have spent many
thousands of hours hunting on Beaches and Fields etc. I've also found
some really nice Coins, Jewrellry, Artifacts etc running into thousands of
pounds. Some I keep in my local Bank others I've sold and either cashed
in as scrap or sold to dealers.

The magical part about treasure-mapping is that you don¡¯t have to know
where the desired object or opportunity will come from. Gifts, contest
prizes, unexpected surprises are not unusual.

The Secret to Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds

Metal detecting is considered to be one of today's most sought-after
hobbies. In fact, nearly 80% of people who are into treasure hunting love
metal detecting as well.

Many people have tried metal detecting, but only those who know what
it takes to become successful in metal detecting accomplish something.
People who persevere the most tend to find more treasures than any
other person does, even if they have been doing metal detecting for
many years.

This goes to show that metal detecting is not just any "finder's keepers,
losers weepers" game. The valuables that people find are not appraised
just because they are rare. Most importantly, their values depend on the
perseverance people use when finding metals. However, metal detecting
is not just plain what you see is what you get activity. Since most of the
treasures are buried beneath the earth, you can expect layers upon layers
of sand, mud, or dirt on the items.

Now, the question is: Is it safe to clean these items?

There are some manufacturers of cleaning solutions that suggest you
clean your items. However, if your metal detector finds include coins of
high value, it is best not to clean them.

Treasure is not always things of obvious value, though. Hidden in the walls
of that house was a treasure that at the time never occurred to me:
copper tubing. I later discovered that the water lines we paid to have
hauled away were sold as valuable scrap by the junk man.

These are just a few of the ways to go treasure hunting. Will you make
much money? Maybe, but probably not. I can tell you though, that it is a
thrill to hear the metal detector start beeping, even if I do only find a
quarter in the sand.

There are portable walk-through metal detectors that can be easily
installed and stored away. They are compact and lightweight and usually
require no initial calibration. Prices of walk-through metal detectors range
from $3000 to $6000 depending upon the brand and features provided.
The eight-treasure rice pudding is a well known traditional Chinese
dessert, cooked with sticky rice and 8 different freshly dried fruits
(typically called dates here in general) and nuts. This food has been
through several thousand years and spreads the entire nation.

Photo Challenge Treasure Hunt in Sussex is a wonderful team building
exercise that offers ultimate scope to explore and rediscover famous
places of Sussex and its surroundings.

This means that coins classified as "key collector's items" should never be
cleaned. This is to preserve the mint mark and the date on the coins.

If you have found non-key collector's items, or those with the typical
"face values," you can clean them using mild solution. However, the
cleaning process will depend on the kind of coin you have found.

For example, copper and nickel can both be cleaned with the same
process. Other coins are cleaned using a different cleaning process and

Here are also some tips on eliminating stains on your coins. You can try
using the salt and vinegar solution. This will remove stubborn stains or
those that were not removed with the usual cleaning solution. The key
here is to evaluate, analyze, and appraise your metal detector finds before
you start cleaning them. This way you will be able to detect if a certain
item is more valuable when preserved and kept the way you have found
it, or if it has to undergo a special cleaning process to make it more
appealing and presentable.

Indeed, cleaning metal detecting finds may or may not be advantageous,
depending on the kind of items that you have. So to ensure quality,
always evaluate your items first.

I have hidden money several times in my life. Many people do. What
happens when people die unexpectedly? The money and valuables they
hid remain where they are until discovered. There is an estimated several
billion dollars in hidden currency alone in this country, and who knows how
much in silver, gold, jewelry and other things.

Now when you are working in the wet sand, and you find a target,
pinpoint it. Center the bucket over the target and using both hands,
wiggle the bucket down into the wet sand. You have now stabilized the
sides of the hole you are about to dig. Using your scoop, remove the
sand from inside the bucket, and recover your target. A dresser without
knobs only needs new knobs but a dresser without a drawer is going to
take some more work. Could you replace the dresser with a wicker basket
you pull in and out?

We don't always see at first glance how we can reintegrate and develop
our strengths, talents, and lost potential into a person who is able to
achieve positive states of being again and again. There are many different
types of metal detectors, some are more complicated then others. Find
out how you can go treasure hunting today!

Another fine place to do metal detecting is in parks and playgrounds. Our
community parks, city parks, old parks, zoos, picnic areas, city playgrounds,
old playgrounds, sandboxes, swings, campgrounds and old battlefields is
where we could go to look behind large trees, grassy areas, old trees,
shady spots, unpaved parking lots, spaces where lovers hide to get away
from the crowd, under park benches and pathways.Find out more about metal detectors atmetal detector infosite.

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Appraise Artwork

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who appraises artwork? Whose to say one piece is worth more than the next?

Best Answer...


lmao! I KNOW exactly what you're talking about! Some of the appraisal is done more for the "artist's" educational background and pass works, even if the "piece" is hideous or childlike (in a BAD way,lol). Others depend on the market they are 'designing' for, think Thomas Kinkade. (yuck!). All in all, I believe it's based on the "skill", past education, potential buyers, age, and basically the "flavor" society is looking for. I would also like to add that it's VERY rare for a poor artist to become as recognized as a financially well off artist or one that has influential friends. If you do your homework on the most well known and celebrated artists, you'll see what I mean. Pablo Picasso's father, José Ruiz Blasco, came from a family of a few aristocrats and did not work until the age of 37, when he became an art instructor.

*roll eyes* "Starving artist my A$$!" lol. Hope I came close to answering your 'question'!


When Thomas Kinkade was on QVC, he sold over 2 million dollars worth of products in one hour.

Out of the 800 paintings and 700 drawings Vincent Van Gogh created, all but one remained unsold in his lifetime, and for the one painting he managed to sell he received a pitifully small price.