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Making an offer on an Irish Property

More often than not, First Time Buyer Ireland couples/singles find it very difficult to obtain suitable mortgage offers. However, after you pass the mortgage loan toil, the next issue on the inventory is the making of an appropriate offer for the Irish Property you have set your eyes on. Have you estimated accurately your budget and needs? If your answer is affirmative, then you can proceed with making your offer.

As a First Time Buyer Ireland individual/couple, you may not be very knowledgeable about appreciating how you can play upon market value, so that in the end you should make an offer that can suit your pocket and satisfy seller expectations. If the sum you offer is too small, you risk a lot making the seller indifferent or reluctant to any other potential offers you could make him/her. Also, keep in mind that Irish Property tends to be particularly expensive, as compared to other real estate markets in Europe.

If you consider that the type of Irish Property you intend to buy is worth a low offer, then a low offer is what you should make. But be careful that prior to this you should have inspecting thoroughly the market value of the house or have ordered a property appraisal for the Irish Property you consider buying. Property appraisals could prolong the whole process – and turn it into an interminable effort for First Time Buyer Ireland families/individuals – but they can give you an accurate insight into property features you might not have considered in your initial offer. Also, pay attention: different appraisers tend to offer different property appraisals. The advantage lies in the outlining of advantages or disadvantages you may not have seen on your own.

However, don't fear making offers that go lower than the asking price. There are rather many real estate agents that market properties at prices higher than what homeowners are actually expecting to obtain. This is only natural: everyone is looking for the best possible outcome. There are several aspects that could lead to a First Time Buyer Ireland family taking the best advantage of the offer they choose to make.

First of all, pay attention to other buyers: they stand for potential competitors, which will probably be reason enough for you to make a higher offer of purchase. Then look at your budget: never make a move without considering your budget. How high an offer can you afford making? Will you be able to cover all of your other needs after you make that offer? Be realistic about your budget limitations, but also be realistic about property value. Don't make an offer ridiculously low: you will be treated as such (i.e. ridiculous) and dismissed without possibility of renewing your offer.

Then look at the time interval since the property has been available for sale. Generally, the longer the time it stays open on the market, the lower the offer you can make. However, it could be a sign that the vendor is still looking for better offers, but such cases are less frequent. Finally, remember to visit the house you want to buy; you want to see it with your own eyes, even if you have ordered an appraisal. Consider its location: this has to be a decisive point in your making of the offer. You are probably looking for a desirable neighborhood; in such a case, Irish properties are more expensive than those situated in less desirable areas. Of course, this goes as true for properties all over the world, not just those in Ireland.

Also, when you visit the house, you have the chance of seeing if there is need of any sort of repair to the house. Of course, this will set the offer at a lower level, but the repairs will still need to be done after you acquire the property. When you finally reach a certain figure, you can make your offer verbally. Of course, in the case where real estate agents require it, you will make it in writing. Don't worry: you will not be bound to buy the property in case, for instance, your survey and valuation results recommend you not to buy: this will happen in the case where there is major damage with the property and it will probably need too high additional expenses to get it repaired.

After you make your offer and in the case where you have competitors, you will have to wait for a while for the vendor to decide on which offer he/she considers suits best hi/her expectations and the advantages his property presents. In case your offer is accepted, congratulations! You are one step closer to moving in your first home.First Time Buyer Irelandfamilies may find it hard to estimate accurate values for anIrish Propertythey want to buy. However, by considering the aspects that have been enumerated above your worries in this direction should be ameliorated.

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Appraisal Appraiser

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are pros and cons working as real estate appraiser?

I have years exp. as remodeler, decorator and small biz owner. Would like to consider this as new career.

Best Answer...


- Decent pay (though this depends on which market you're in and whether you hold a general or residential license)

- Good hours (some have flexible hours...though this can depend on where you work)

- Good profession to be in if you enjoy research and have solid writing skills

- Work remains interesting because each appraisal you do will be on a different property (each with its own unique characteristics and challenges)

- Typically have a say in which appraisal assignments you'll accept

- If you obtain a general appraiser license, you're not bound by property type...residential appraisers can only appraise residential properties; general appraisers can appraise *any* property type (land, industrial, retail, office, residential, etc...)

- Not limited to only writing appraisals...appraisers can also perform consultation services (i.e. market analysis, feasibility analysis, etc.) and/or become review appraisers (where you review another appraiser's work)

- Need to invest a lot of hours in education and experience to obtain license (the minimum number of hours varies from state to state)

- The minimum education requirements will be increasing nationwide effective January 1, 2008 (visit for more details)

- Will need to invest a lot of money for coursework tuition and licensing fees

- Can be difficult to find a mentor to obtain experience hours

- If working solo, can be difficult to develop a client base when you first start out

- Could be difficult if there's an oversupply of appraisers in your market (increased competition can drive down appraisal fees)

- Fluctuations in the national and/or local real estate market can affect the appraisal field (decreased assignments in the area can also increase competition and drive down appraisal fees)

- Some assignments can be extremely complex and stressful

- Can sometimes be difficult to obtain data (depending on the assignment and property type)

- Can be held legally liable if you do not conform to USPAP (the professional ethics that an appraiser has to abide by)...should carry liability insurance