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Vintage Collectables

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Da Show of Tiki Hawaii Vintage Collectables

Frequently Asked Questions...

I work alone and like to listen to music. Thinking of buying an IPod-?

I need to move around with hands free while I listen to music. My CD player stopped working when I moved the stereo to other side of work studio.

Do you recommend buying an IPod?

How do you download music into an IPod?

Can I download my current collection of CDs into an IPod through my computer? If not, how do you do it?

Thanks to all for the patience with my questions! When I was a teenager we listened to vinyl 45s or 35 LPs,now considered vintage collectibles. People would carry their collections of 45s to each others parties.

My taste in music has moved along with the times somewhat though with interest mostly though the influence of my kids.

Best Answer...


For what you are looking for, an iPod or other media player would be a perfect fit. The first thing that you need to do is decide if you like iTunes or not. Download iTunes at it's free. The reason you need to like iTunes is because it is the only software that syncs with iPods (out of the box).

Use iTunes to take music from a CD and put it on your computer. This process is called "ripping" the CD. When you have iTunes open, and a CD in your computer's CD drive, the name of the Album will be on the left of the application window. Click on that name, and the track list will show up in the main section of the window. Down at the bottom, there will be a button that says, "Import CD". Click that, and about a minute later, it will be in your music library, which is music files stored on your computer.

See how you like this process, and how you like the iTunes interface. I love it, some other people really hate it. It's all preference, really. Play music using it, and poke around in the iTunes Store.

After you decide that you like iTunes, move on to the iPod. If you know of anyone who has one ask them to show it to you, or go to a store near you that sells them, and ask if you can use one. If you live near an Apple Retail store (find out at, you can play with every model of iPod available, shop for accessories, and they'll have people that can answer even the most simple questions. See how you like it. Listen to music on it, use the click-wheel, get an overall feel for it.

The last thing you'll need to do is to decide how much music you're going to want to put on your iPod. Some people like to put all of their music on them, others like to just take a selection. For some people with small amounts of music (doesn't sound like you), they don't even need to consider a larger iPod. Right now, iPods come in 2, 4, 8, 16, 80 & 160 gigabyte configurations. Those fit various amounts of songs... anywhere from about 240 to 40,000 songs. From $79-349. Check for more details about the different iPods.

In my opinion, iPods are the best media players available. They're simple, small, and priced competitively. Another great thing about iPods and other media players is that many of them play and store video, as well.

I hope this answers your questions. My best advice is to play around with iTunes and an iPod if you can get your hands on one. Good luck!

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