Antique Roadshow Auctions

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Buying Collectibles On A Budget


When buying collectibles, it's important to think like a collector. Don't just pick up an item because you think it may be valuable or feel it might rise in value if you hold on to it long eough. Make the optimum use of your money by following the tips below:

1. Develop an eye

Begin by having a look at the best examples you can find of what it is you are collecting. Use those examples as a standard for judging other objects.

2. Become an expert

If you're serious about collecting, know your product inside and outside. A deal is not a bargain if it's a reproduction or a fraud.

3. Arm yourself with expertise

Read auction catalogues, visit museums, go to specialty shops that carry this item, and join groups keen on this product whether they are local or on the web. Simply for the excitement of it, watch shows like Antique Roadshow, Pawn Stars and American Pickers. You may be surprised to discover how much you can learn here.

4. Buy because you adore it

Don't buy an object for investment only. Good antiques hold their value but if there is not any purchaser, you can struggle to sell it or get your money back. Collect for the love of it and you can never go screwy.

5. Ask questions

When you come in touch with a knowledgeable dealer, don't be scared to ask questions. You will find a lot of them love to speak about their goods and are prepared to share their data. Also, don't be ashamed to ask the dealer if he can "do any better on the price". Collectors are always negotiating and dealers expect this question.

6. Become friendly with local dealers

Stop by regularly to test for new products. Give them your e-mail. Frequently at the end of the season, they are going to be concerned to clean out their stock. Ask to be notified by email if they have any items you might be curious about.

7. Get to know your local real estate agent

Who knows better about what's happening in town? Who's purchasing, who's selling, who's moving, these are all opportunities to pick up collectibles at yard and estate sales. Get the jump on what's coming up and what's new in your neighborhood.

8. Establish your budget in advance

Only leave home with the cash you are ready to spend. It's extremely straightforward to have "buyer's remorse" after a day of antiquing and flea marketing. Decide in advance the top price you are willing to pay for an item and walk away if the price isn't right. You may feel badly at the time, but another, better item at the right price could be waiting for you at the following stop.

9. Don't get hung up on matching sets

Think in wider categories rather than identical matchings. Plates of the same shape, hats of the exact same colour, silverware of varied designs and monograms will open up your collecting opportunities. Matching pieces are uninteresting. Open up your collection vis colour, design or shape and see how much more interesting it becomes. For ideas on how to use your collectibles, check out Decorating with Collectibles

10. Arrive late to flea markets and yard sales

Yes, everyone knows you need to arrive early to get the very best buys. Nonetheless once the day's close is in sight, sellers are ready to get rid of what's left. You can often get superb deals at the end of the day just because sellers don't need the effort of packing everything up and bringing it home again.

11. Don't collect "hot items"

Collecting fads come and go. You will very probably be paying over price for fad items and when the public moves on to another hot item, you will not be able to recover your investment if you should tire of the item.

12. Buy what gives you the most pleasure and satisfaction

In the final analysis, always buy the item that gives you the most pleasure. Buy the best example that within your budget. If you aren't able to purchase the top flight item today, don't worry. There's always to-morrow. Eventually you'll be in a position to upgrade your collection and sell off the less fascinating items. Collections are always changing and that is a component of the fun and attraction of collection.

Happy Collecting and may all your purchases be precisely what you were attempting to find!

Gloria Daniels has been a collector for over 40 years. For info on how to bid at auctions visit How to Bid at Auctions and Estate Sales. Once you've got your collecitble items check outShowing Collectibles for engaging methods to show off your treasures.

Antique Hunting at Auctions in Orange County

Most people, including antique hunters, don’t typically think of
when they hear the phrase, “We’re going antiquing this weekend.” Instead, they imagine a day spent rummaging through the antique shops of
Orange County
looking for the perfect finds. However, for many antique hunters,
provide much easier access to the antiques they are looking for, often at the best available price.

The great thing about
auctions in Orange County
is that one can find fabulous antiques at prices that are usually much cheaper than what are being asked for at the local antique store. In addition, if an auction is being handled by a company that lists pieces online, you will be able to determine what articles are being sold at various auctions on any given day so as to prioritize your efforts. Keep in mind, however, that unlisted items are often sold at public real estate auctions after the sale of the actual property has been finalized.

One way for antique hunters to get the very best deals possible from
in and around the
Orange County
area is to do some work beforehand. In general, it is best to know the types of items that you are looking for or are willing to bid upon. Every so often, you may find an unexpected deal of a lifetime on a priceless antique at a random auction at which you just happened to arrive, but it does not often happen. Rather, check what types of pieces are being offered and do some investigation into what fair market prices look like for those particular items.

When you attend
, make sure that you understand the rules of the auction before placing a bid. Different auction companies have different requirements regarding the buyer’s premium. Make sure that you understand what requirements are in place so that you will know the type of bid that you can afford and are willing to make.

Finally, remember that
can be exciting events, but the way to get great deals is to enjoy the excitement from afar, but remain calm, level-headed, and detached when bidding on an item. It is all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of bidding and the need to out-do other bidders, and before you know if, you have gone well beyond the bid limit that you set for yourself.

Orange County
afford a fantastic opportunity to purchase antiques at prices that are far better than those you can find elsewhere provided that you do your homework ahead of time and keep your wits about you when attending

Auctions Orange County
- California Estate Sales and Auction Company specializes in managing high level estates, business liquidations, and auctions in Orange County from inventory to appraisal to sale. When you partner with California Estate Sales and Auction Company, you eliminate stress and earn full market value. Call 714.833.4046 or visit

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Antique Roadshow Auctions

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Treasure Hunting On Anderson [Pt.2] Paul Brown | Lara Spencer | Antiques Roadshow | Auction Kings

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Hi my father's friend owns the original map of PNG. Its not a print or anything. He is interested in selling it, does anyone know how much it would be worth? Or of any way I can find out on its value?

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I sometimes see this show on WVIZ: antiques roadshow

auction it!

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